The Iron Order Motorcycle Club was founded in 2004 by eight men, who were hardcore bikers and shared a desire for brotherhood and a love of motorcycles and the open road.  These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life, but banded together as a group of men with a like mindset. A brotherhood was forged and survives strongly to this day.

Our club has grown worldwide, and we - the Youngstown, Ohio Chapter of the IOMC, established November of 2010 - are proud to be part of the Iron Order Nation, where we are exactly what we say we are – a tight group of brothers who ride hard together and party even harder.  We are law abiding and believe in community involvement.  Our colors are earned and never just handed out.  We respect those that give us respect and stand for our right to ride as we please.

Take some time to check out our site and the IOMC International Site, get to know what we are about; and if you like what you see – introduce yourself – you may be meeting a future brother.
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